History, Mission, and Manifesto
History, Mission, and Manifesto

"The Word of God ignores size and quantity and lays all its stress upon quality. Christ, more than any other man, was followed by the crowds, yet after giving them such help as they were able to receive, He quietly turned from them and deposited His enduring truths in the breasts of His chosen 12. He refused a quick shortcut to the throne and chose instead the long painful way of the cross. He rejected the offers of the multitude and rested His success upon those eternal qualities which He was able to plant in the hearts of a modest number of redeemed men. The ages have thanked God that He did."

A. W. Tozer

| History

During several years of missionary travel in our Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world, questions kindled, sometimes smoldered, but would not be extinguished. In fact, at every turn, they increasingly burned within us to be answered. Did we really have a responsibility to show God’s strength to this generation (Psalm 71:18)? Did we, even as women, have a responsibility to carry and publish God’s Word (Psalm 68:11)? We began to believe that we did.

So in little ways and small beginnings, we looked for and took advantage of our opportunities to reach this generation of women. We were not particular, neither was our Lord; and as the master, so is the servant. We went out from our highways and hedges in the inner cities of Baltimore and Philadelphia to as far as our hands could reach, our voices be heard. God began to move in us and through us. (What a privilege to be workmen under His hire!) To date, we are working in parts of North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, but we feel we are just scratching the surfaces of possibility and opportunity. Pray for us that we will walk worthy of His great calling.

| Our Mission

To encourage women’s discipleship around the world by initiating, facilitating, and funding events and activities; laying groundwork, training, and teaching classes; and providing resources that Biblically teach or train women; in addition, to support financially those missionary-minded women just discovering, actively training towards, or furthering these said goals. In while pursuing the above endeavors, to maintain the attitude of "the Good Samaritan" so that if passing by a critical need to be careful to maintain good works, thus lending physical and/or financial assistance so that our good would not be ill spoken of due to its blindness or indifference.

| Our Manifesto

God’s Words “which we have heard, and known, and our fathers have told us, we will not hide them from their children [our sisters] … that the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children” (Psalm 78:1-6). What a progression is found in these verses—generation to generation to generation!! Indeed, what a responsibility is given us, even today!

We would not shrink back, turn away, pretend we have not heard, nor act as if we misunderstand. We would dare to be bold. We would dare to believe God for great things. We understand that great things are not defined by eyesight … nor circumstance … nor ability … nor even the approval of man … Great things are defined by faith, a small mustard seed and His faithfulness. So as to how many women we will reach? It is enough to say, “We have a great God!” Join us in believing Him for this generation’s Amy Carmichaels, Isobel Kuhns, Lilias Trotters, and Mary Slessors.


What We Believe

| God can use anyone