Looking Ahead

Because Christmas Cookie outreach was a such a success, we have a lot of seed that was sown that now needs to be cultivated. Locally, as we look ahead to the upcoming months, we have Bible Club in full swing in one of the worst areas in York. We are starting to get to know the families of these children and make a difference, not just in one life, but in the whole family. We are offering free weekly tutoring, we run a weekly local elementary school program where we are allowed to take kids out of school and teach them the Bible for an hour, and we are starting up a program from teen girls in partnership with Teen Haven.

As for special events, we have our Valentine's Day cookie outreach coming up. We are excited that Valentine's Day is celebrated on a Tuesday this year because that means that instead of just one day, for all of Friday through Tuesday, we will be able to give out beautifully decorated cookies that say, "Nobody loves you like God loves you". What a message! Like we did with our Christmas cookies, we will be hitting York and all of the surrounding cities with this much needed message.

In March, we will also be taking a trip to South Africa to visit Pastor Jabu and the ladies' ministry there. Sophie is currently still in South Africa assisting Pastor Jabu and the church, and is teaching the ladies a series of classes on having a quiet time/devotional life. This class will culminate with La Tascha and a few of the other ladies arriving to teach the final classes, and awarding the ladies with certificates and sets of devotionals. Oh, the power God can have in a life that walks with Him! How available He makes himself to us!

As a side note, and we don't mention this often, if ever, but we are beginning to grow beyond our means. The needs are so great, and so diverse, and yet God has seemed to put us in the thick of all of it, and we are a steward of what we have been let into. However, we are really beginning to see the need for a regular support base. Thus far, we have not lacked, and really have run fully off of volunteer help and a very small support base. But, should God prick your heart to want to help support us on a regular basis, we would greatly appreciate it. I know that the lives that we touch on a daily basis will be deeply grateful. Thank you and God bless you.