A Full Holiday Season

As some of you may know, we are embarking on our sixth year of our Christmas Cookie Outreach. Just last year, we baked 20,000 home-made Christmas cookies, and packaged them with a message of hope and love during, for many, a very difficult time of year. We will spend the next month or so baking in our brand new double oven (thank you donors!) so that in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we can pass these cookies out in train stations, bus stations, neighborhoods, shopping plazas, etc, to those who need a word of encouragement during this season. We are still hoping for one more double oven and money for cookie supplies, packaging and printing costs, so please continue to donate.

Secondly, through a series of seemingly ordinary events, some extraordinary partnerships have formed specifically involving children, teens and young adults. In partnership with Teen Haven, we are beginning a weekly children’s program beginning December 3. We often see many of the young children playing on the street without any parental supervision, so this will be a great way protect and raise up our young ones with the belief that any one life can change the world. We are also working with the children of a local public school in a weekly program called Released Time where we will mentor students and teach them important life lessons. In addition, we will be offering free tutoring and teen bible studies in the winter for children in the inner city.

Lastly, we received a phone call a few weeks ago from the founder of a women’s homeless shelter in Baltimore who asked if we would put on Thanksgiving for their ladies (we did this last year for the first time). Of course, we said yes. Last Thursday a group of us had the privilege of spending Thanksgiving with 35 grateful ladies who didn’t have a family to go home to or relatives to spend the holiday with. One lady profusely thanked us as we were leaving, and said she couldn’t remember the last time she was able to eat as much as she wanted.

The same organization has asked us to organize and cater their annual Christmas party on December 8 which will include food, entertainment, and gifts for the ladies. Keep us in prayer as we look to make an impact during this very open season that only comes once a year.